Our Mission

Allow me to introduce my family and our mission to you. Our lives have been blessed with three beautiful Guatemalan children. Our first son Ian came home at 15 months. Our second son Brody came home at 22 months, and then our beautiful daughter Atlee came home at 34 months. Ian and Atlee are typically developing children, but Brody came home with a diagnosis of suspected autism. Within the first year home, Brody was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome. FX is a genetic mental impairment, and it is the leading known genetic cause of autism. Brody is expected to be a forever child, but God gives us miracles every day. When we first received our diagnosis of Fragile X for Brody, we decided to make sure that Brody was never “invisible”. 

What I love most about Brody is that he is just a kid. He doesn’t know that he has a disability. Brody is silent and has both vision and hearing problems. With therapy, education, time and love, Brody is excelling in many areas. Brody uses sign language and knows about 40 words. Brody moved to a group home in September of 2015 and is doing amazingly well.

What I love most about Ian is that he is “cool”. He doesn’t try to be anyone but himself. He is definitely not a follower, more of a leader. He is not afraid to wear old shoes or hand me downs and worry about what others say. He doesn’t back down and he stands up for what he believes in.

What I love most about Atlee is that she is “Daddy’s little girl”. She does anything I ask of her without question. She is generous in giving and thoughtful to others. She always has a smile on her face and has many friends. Atlee has her own style and I love that about her.

Lucky Buck Jewelry got its start from Brody’s grandmother, Sandra Forbes. Together we raised money for Brody’s service dog Milo. He was a golden retriever that was trained at Wilderwood Service Dogs in Maryville, TN. Milo passed away in January of 2011 at only 4 years old. The Lucky Buck name came from a friend of my wife Wendy, Doris Finley. She gave her a 60 year old buckeye that she wore on a string and used for good luck. I made Wendy a leather necklace with it and she got dozens of compliments and orders off the necklace which gave us the name, Lucky Buck Jewelry.

Jewelry has become my passion and our future. Every day that I get to spend with my family, I am encouraged to make more jewelry to guarantee quality time with them. I make all my pieces custom and unique so our inventory will change often. I enjoy making each and every piece, and I hope that you enjoy wearing them.

Bubba Griffin